5 Bed Group Home For Family & Community Services

Simpson Building Group achieved a seemingly unreachable target of delivering – defect-free a new 5 bedroom Group Home for Family & Community Services on the 11th June 2015.

Upon being awarded the project in January 2015, Simpson Building Group was requested to fast track the construction from the contracted 35 weeks to 26 weeks with no compromise on quality, finishes or structural capability.  We achieved this at no additional costs to our client and completely defect free.

As a team we have the ability to offer clients opportunities like this, without additional expense due to our ‘on the ground’ mentality, sorting out issues or potential roadblocks early, when faced with stoppages, chase alternative works to keep the project moving.

Inclement weather tried to stop us (35 working days in fact) but our determination is not unique just to this project – it is the way we deliver all our services.


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