Glen Innes Boiler Upgrade

Simpson Building Group recently completed a services upgrade for the Glen Innes RMS Building, works include:

  • Prepare dilapidation and recommendation report for the client on the state of the existing hot water service in the building
  • Decommissioning of all existing hot water services including diesel fuelled boiler
  • Supply and installation of new independent hot water heaters throughout the building
  • Liaise with the local gas supplier and install new meter point at the property boundary for supplier connection to the building
  • Rough in all required copper pipework throughout property/building from boundary to location of new gas-fuelled boiler
  • Supply and installation of new Mechanical Services Switchboard (MSSB)
  • Supply installation and commissioning of new gas-fired Hunt TNAR300 heating hot water boiler to provide hot water to the heating coils in the buildings air handling units
  • Removal of existing 5000-litre diesel tank from site
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